The Daily Tasks You Should Stop Doing Right Now

If you are regularly going over in your head whether these mundane tasks you are doing over and over again are worth quitting, we are telling you it’s time to stop.

Things to Do

Fretting over the Mail

Prioritize going over the mail once again. There is no need to sort through the stack on a daily basis, so just fish out what looks important – any envelopes filled with money, or a message from a friend, and the rest can be dealt with at a later date.

Overdosing on News

Sign up for an email newsletter for a summary of the most important news the day has to offer. This will save time skimming through all the other nonsense in between.


Separating Lights from Darks

Once you give your colored clothes a wash, they’re unlikely to spread their color onto your other washing. So, while your whites may not stay so white, they won’t be turning pink from your red sweater.

Attending (Most) Showers

A gift in the mail will do just fine, and you can spend your valuable time doing something more important with your life than watching your cousin’s best friend’s sister open her newborn’s clothes.


Birthday Parties for Adults

After 18 are we even really taking note of how old we are turning? While there are a few milestones to take note of, the other in-betweens can be completely ignored.

Hosting Every Single Sleepover

When too many kids in one home become too much, send them back to their parents. You do not always have to host the sleepovers because you have the reputation of making the best brownies. Sometimes it would be nice to have a night off, and no doubt you’ll be worthy of one


Kitchen Grunt Work

Shortcuts in cooking do not make for a lazy cook make, says Julia Turshen, author of the cookbooks Small Victories and Feed the Resistance. “Saved time is saved sanity! I use pre-peeled garlic, shrink-wrapped cooked beets, and frozen peas. And I’d much rather pick up takeout rice than dirty yet another pot.”