Strangers Drive Man Hours So He Can See His Child Being Born

Have you ever done something kind for a stranger? Maybe someone has made your life a little better even though you have never met? One group of strangers was about to drive a man for hours so he could be there for the birth of his baby – no matter what.

Strangers Drive Man Hours So He Can See His Child Being Born

Making The Journey

Sgt, Seth Craven was supposed to be at his wife’s side in West Virginia for her scheduled Cesarean section. Although he was in Afghanistan at the time, he planned to fly to Kuwait before boarding a plane to Philadelphia to start the final leg of his journey.

Caught In The Storm

Sadly, Seth made it to Philadelphia and hit an issue. The flight was canceled thanks to a storm, and he had to stay overnight. He was supposed to leave the next morning, but the plane was once again grounded, and all of the rental cars were gone.

Strangers Drive Man Hours So He Can See His Child Being Born

Kind Strangers

It wasn’t long before Charlene Vickers heard Seth’s story. Charlene and two of her co-workers were supposed to be in Charleston by midday, and they were getting there no matter what. Plus. Charlene lived near Philadelphia, so she had a car on standby. She wanted Seth to join them.

Just In Time

Of course, Seth jumped at the chance to get home. The group drove for eight hours before Charlene eventually pulled up outside his house. Amazingly, the soldier arrived just after midnight only to see his baby boy, Cooper, born the following morning. All Charlene wanted were some photos of the baby as a thank you.

Sometimes, it can feel like we’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although it looked as though Seth’s dreams of welcoming his baby were gone, the kindness of complete strangers was all he needed to fuel the last leg of his journey to be by his wife’s side.