Supermom With 16 Children Reveals How She Copes

You might think that your kids are a handful, but how would you deal with being a mom or dad to not one, not five, not ten, but a whopping sixteen children? Well, this is just every day life for Florida mom Lyette Reback.

The 44 year old, whose family resides in North Palm Beach, has a grand total of ten sons and six daughters with her real estate agent husband, David Reback. Lyette has spent more than a decade of her life pregnant, has gained and lost some 600 pounds of pregnancy weight, and went through labor without ever having a C section!

However, not everyone approves of Lyette’s family. “If the number of children we have comes up in conversation or people see us out and they don’t know our family, they are like, ‘holy mackerel.’ At first when there were four or five little girls it was, ‘Oh my gosh, you are crazy, how are you doing that?’

People would joke or say things like, ‘Don’t you have a TV in your bedroom?’ Obviously, these remarks were either out of incredulity or they proposed my ignorance, but I am not stupid.”