This Teacher Walks 5 Miles Every Day to Deliver Free Lunches to Students

Many people choose to become teachers because they not only want to educate the future generation but because they want to inspire them and impact their lives in a positive way. While there are many difficulties and troubles when it comes to being a teacher, there’s no doubt about the fact that most of them go out of their way to treat their students as if they were their own children. This is certainly the case for one teacher.

Shutting Down Schools

Due to the ongoing pandemic, schools in the United Kingdom have shut down. While this isn’t too much of a problem for some students, there are many other students in the country who rely on the school canteen for at least one meal a day. For the assistant principal at Western Primary School in Grimsby, he has seen for himself that their lunchtime meal means so much to certain students. Because of this, Zane Powles knew that he had to do something.

Delivering The Food

Because he didn’t want the children to miss out on these meals – or any homework they may need to complete – Zane has decided to walk 5 miles every single day to visit the students from his school at their front door. He drops off free school lunches to around 78 students, and he carries them all on his back as he does so. While he used to be in the military, carrying around 40 pounds of extra weight is certainly no easy feat.

Totally Worth It

Alongside Zane’s effort, the principal and another teacher have also jumped on board this plan, and they deliver another 25 free school lunches to those students who live further afield – and they deliver these in their cars. Of course, they keep their distance during the whole process.

It’s amazing to see that teachers are still inspiring the younger generation even when school is closed.