This Teen Found $135,000 in Cash and Becomes Local Hero

What would you do if you came across a bag full of cash on the ground? Would you take it and spend it? Or would you hand it in? Well, one teen had to make that tough decision when he found a whopping $135,000 in cash next to an ATM in his hometown. Thankfully, he chose to go down the right path — and he has since been rewarded immensely for his good deed.

This Teen Found $135,000 in Cash and Turned it in, Becomes Local Hero

The Teen in Question

Jose Nuñez Romaniz is a 19-year-old teen from Albuquerque who is studying Criminal Justice in college. While he made his way to the store to buy socks for his grandfather, Jose decided to stop by a local ATM to deposit some money. To him, it was just another normal day — but he had no idea that his life would change forever.

Finding the Money

As Jose made his way to the ATM, he noticed a clear plastic bag on the floor. On closer inspection, he soon realized that the bag was full of cash. As he stared at the stacks of bills in front of him, he started to think of his options. There was $135,000 in that bag, and that kind of money would make a huge difference to his family’s life — but he knew that it wasn’t the right thing to do. So, he called the police and stayed by the money until they got there.

This Teen Found $135,000 in Cash and Turned it in, Becomes Local Hero

Offering Him a Job

It turned out that the money had accidentally been left by a bank worker who had been tasked to fill up the ATM, and the police officers were impressed with Jose’s decision. Not only did they congratulate him, but they also offered him a job! He was later given countless gifts, money, and coupons from local businesses, who wanted to celebrate his decision.

Let’s hope that there are more people like Jose out there in the world.