Teen Inspired By Her Own Adoption Helps To Rehome Senior Dogs

If it weren’t for her adoptive parents, Meena Kumar might have spent her entire childhood living in an orphanage. That couple’s adoption gave her a second chance of happiness, and it’s inspired the teenager to put forward that same kindness for her canine companions.

A Life-Changing Adoption

Meena was only nine-months-old when she was abandoned at a college campus in India. After being taken to an orphanage, she spent the next year of her life waiting to find a new family. Now that she has one, she wants to do what she can to help others in a similar position. Her focus isn’t on people, though, but rather dogs. She knows that animals are as deserving of happiness as humans, which is why she set up her own business.

Raising Money

For the last five years, Meena has been a regular at animal shelters. She loves visiting the dogs and giving them hope that things will get better for them soon. Unfortunately, due to her age, she isn’t old enough to volunteer at any of these places. That’s why she established Pet Fairy Services. Through this, she looks after other people’s pets so she can raise money for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. This is a shelter that specializes in rehoming older dogs so they can enjoy their last few years in comfort.

$14,000 And Counting

Meena’s work with Pet Fairy Services has already raised $14,000 for the shelter. Half of that came from her own efforts, while the rest was from a donation program with Intel. Muttville Senior Dog Rescue appreciates any amount of money they receive, so to get this much because of Meena obviously meant the world to them. The teenager is just glad she can do her bit because she knows from experience that adoption changes everything.

Here’s hoping that Meena’s business continues to thrive so she can help these dogs for many years to come.