Teen Saves Little Boy’s Life At A Drive Thru

It’s not every day people are faced with having to make the quick decision that could help save somebody’s life. Some people freak out in a scary situation while others see through the fear and know precisely what they need to do.

Teen Saves Little Boy’s Life At A Drive Thru

Just A Regular Day

As is the nature of these things, you never know what’s going to happen, or what could be just around the corner. This teen was thought he was in for a typical day at work. After all, he worked in the drive thru section of the fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A, and nothing eventful happened there very often.

A Car Pulled Up And What He Saw Terrified Him

He was working in the drive thru when a car pulled up, but it wasn’t someone who wanted to order anything. Instead, he was faced with a frantic woman, who was panicking and screaming because of something he couldn’t see. He looked closer and noticed that there was a little boy in the back who was slowly being strangled by his seatbelt.

Teen Saves Little Boy’s Life At A Drive Thru

He Rushed Into Action

Disturbed by what he saw, he rushed into action and jumped through the window, not thinking about what he was doing but knowing that he had to do something. He rushed over to the car and to the terrified mother, luckily he was carrying a multitool that could cut through the seatbelt, so he carefully used it to set the little boy free.

He Got A Surprise Call

The teen, Logan, got a phone call after the incident about an hour after it had happened, it was the mother, she had wanted to thank him for saving her son’s life.

Had Logan not been there, no one knows what would have happened to that little boy, but thankfully he was there.