The Toxic People You Need To Leave Behind In 2018

With our 2017 calendars in the trash, we can look forward to twelve fresh months to make something of our lives. 2018 is your time to shine so shed yourself of those negative influences that could bring you down.

Family, friends, and coworkers could all be sources of toxicity, and it is up to you to set appropriate limits with them. These are the types people from which you should consider getting some distance.

The User

It is easy to get sucked into a user’s charm. They generally use their outgoing personality to pull you in. From there, they will continually demand your time as if fits their needs and ignores your own. You might feel good from time to time, but the user’s inability to care for your needs will leave you hoping for more.

The Downer

The new year should be filled with optimism and possibilities. The downer will do everything they can to implant doubt into your head. You might be excited about a vacation, but the downer will be sure to comment on the downsides of traveling there. With a downer around, expect your joy to be vacuumed out in an instant.

The Dysfunctional Relative

Letting a loved one go is never easy, especially when they are a blood-relation. However, plenty of people have a family member that brings chaos to their lives. Because their life is out of control, they believe that they need to bring you along for the chaotic ride. Keep your distance until he or she is able to get their own life under control.

The Once-Upon-A-Time Friend

When surrounding yourself with a great support group, sometimes you need to cut friends from the past loose. Remember, it is okay grow apart from friends. If the friendship is not balanced anymore, it is okay to accept that you are not the friends you were before and that you can move forward.