Kind-Hearted Vet Travels to Treat Homeless Pets for Free

Compassion is a core virtue, and Dr. Stewart Kwane has plenty of it.

Following the Great Recession, many people in the U.S. saw themselves as homeless. The state of California was hit the hardest, and according to the latest numbers, things aren’t getting better. The state’s unsheltered population is estimated at 150,000 and the number is expected to rise in the following years. This forced many men and women to leave their beloved pets at shelters and veterinary clinics, one of which was owned by Dr. Kwane. 

He Discovered His Mission to Aid the Homeless and Their Pets

Kind-Hearted Vet Travels to Treat Homeless Pets for Free

Heartbroken with what was happening around him, Dr. Kwane gathered his veterinary supplies and went to a soup kitchen event so he could check out and treat some of the homeless pets around Modesto California. He successfully examined, vaccinated, and treated 15 animals during that day. It was then that he knew he had found his purpose.

What Made Him Take Action 

Kind-Hearted Vet Travels to Treat Homeless Pets for Free

According to the vet, around 25% of the state’s unsheltered population owns a pet and he couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. He knew that giving a little can make all the difference and he was right. Since that first day at the soup kitchen event, Dr, Kwane has devoted his free time to wander through the streets and help the homeless and their furry companions – and up to date he has treated over 400 animals. 

Eye-Opening Experience

Dr. Kwane shares that through his charitable work he has experienced the most genuine tales of love, struggle, compassion, and hope. He is adamant at never turning anybody away – as the look on people’s faces when they get their pets treated is priceless. Those are the moments he will remember forever. 

Kind-Hearted Vet Travels to Treat Homeless Pets for Free

In September Dr. Kwane created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the animal treatments as while some procedures cost around $100 others, especially life-saving surgeries, can cost up to $1,500. It is often the smallest acts of kindness that have the greatest impact and the good veterinarian is certainly an example for all of us to follow.