This Woman Found A New Best Friend In This Cat After Her Husband Passed

Losing a loved one can be a huge struggle for many. So what about if someone arrived determined to brighten up your life? It looked as though this woman was about to be greeted with an angel cat shortly after her husband passed away.

After Her Husband Passed, An Angel Cat Turned Up At Her House

Reading The Book

This veterinarian had recently lost her husband. Although she had her family and grandchildren around her, grief can still be a tough emotion to process. Like many of us, it seemed as though she wanted to throw herself into distractions and soon began to read. It was then this vet read the book A Street Cat Named Bob – a story about a ginger cat who helps his new owner through a number of tough life obstacles.

A New Housemate

The vet was living in her house when she noticed someone else had found their way in. It was a ginger cat! Unfortunately, he had a disfigured face. Even so, the cat brought a smile to her face, and she knew that he needed a place to stay. The vet was inspired by the recent story and decided to name her new pet Bob. Now, she needed to get him checked over.

After Her Husband Passed, An Angel Cat Turned Up At Her House

Loving His Looks

Although Bob’s face had been badly damaged, it looked as though he had made a full recovery. The vet believed that he was once hit by a car but had been living on the streets as a stray for many months. His face was out of shape, but he had since made a full recovery so wasn’t suffering any pain. It just helped to give Bob his unique look.

After Her Husband Passed, An Angel Cat Turned Up At Her House

Meant To Be

It looked as though this new relationship was meant to be. The vet had been struggling since the passing of her husband, but now her grandson commented about how they love to be around one another. In fact, the vet often narrates what she is doing while Bob relaxes and watches his new friend from the comfort of his new home. It was a coincidence that was simply meant to be.

Sometimes, it can seem as though some things in our lives are meant to happen. Bob needed love and a home while the vet needed a new friend. Now, they are there for one another after they needed each other the most.