A Woman Working Two Jobs Was Gifted A Car By A Stranger

It can be all too easy for the pressures of life to get on top of us, right? This hard-working woman was working two jobs when she just needed a break. Thankfully, she was about to receive a generous gift from a stranger.

A Struggling Student

Like many people, Kayla Cooper attends nursing school and works two jobs to try and pay her tuition. However, her Kayla had struggled to keep up with her growing bills and was now having to rely on borrowing cars to get to and from work. If she didn’t find a car of her own before the end of the month then Kayla was going to lose her job – and her dreams.

A Hard-Working Woman With Two Jobs Was Given This Generous Gift From A Stranger

Begging For Help

Kayla headed to a local auto garage where she hoped to get finance for a car. Sure, it was one more bill to pay, but at least the student would have a way to keep her job. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the sales team told Kayla she didn’t qualify for finance. No matter how hard she begged, there was nothing they could do. She would have to walk away without a car.

A Random Stranger

Thankfully, for Kayla, there was someone else at the dealership the same day: Dan Laguardia. He was there to trade in his old car, a Scion XB, for a new BMW. However, Dan knew that he had to help Kayla. He begged for the team to do something to let her get a car, but there was no way they could change the rules. Kayla had already left. Dan ordered someone to go and find her.

A Hard-Working Woman With Two Jobs Was Given This Generous Gift From A Stranger

Changing His Deal

Dan couldn’t watch Kayla walk away without a hope in the world. Instead, he signed over the car that he was initially going to trade in to give it to the student. Kayla couldn’t believe her ears as she sat in the car crying while Dan signed all the paperwork. Dan admitted the car was more valuable to Kayla then it ever would be to him.

What seemed like a small act of kindness to Dan went on to become a life-changing moment for Kayla. Thankfully, it seemed as though this was the first step to getting her life back on track.