WWII Veteran Who Asked For 100 Birthday Cards For 100th Birthday Got Over 2,000 After Post Went Viral

Getting older happens to all of us, there’s no avoiding it as father time catches up to all of us. Despite us all wanting to believe we’re still 21, we aren’t. Some of us embrace our old age, while others are constantly trying their best to relive their youth. This 100-year-old World War Two veteran had one wish for his big triple-digit birthday, to receive 100 cards in celebration. He didn’t exactly get what he asked for though, and this is what he got instead.

A WWII Veteran Asked For 100 Cards For His 100th Birthday But Got This Instead

GI Joe

This man was about to turn 100, and his wish was that people would send him a card so he could get one for every year he’s been alive. He was even kind enough to write his postal address for people to send their cards to if they were feeling generous enough. It wasn’t much to ask, but he probably understood that people had their own lives to lead and he would be happy if anyone sent a card. Joe fought in WWII and for his brave service people responded well to his message.

A WWII Veteran Asked For 100 Cards For His 100th Birthday But Got This Instead

Assisted Living

Joe lives at Brookfield Midwestern in Wichita Falls, Texas, and his retirement home did their best to make sure he got his birthday wish. They shared his story on social media hoping to reach as many people as possible. As it happens, there are millions of people on the internet, and it seemed like if Joe wanted 100 cards, this was the best way to try and get them. Not long after the post with Joe holding his sign went viral, the first letter appeared, then, amazingly, they just didn’t stop coming.

A WWII Veteran Asked For 100 Cards For His 100th Birthday But Got This Instead

An Overwhelming Response

It was like Christmas at the postal service, except all of these cards were just for Joe. His retirement home updated everyone to let them know that Joe was delighted with the amazing response but to keep the cards coming. At the last count he had received over 2,500 cards, but that number is expected to keep rising.

Joe was hoping for some joy to come his way through the mailbox, but what arrived must have shocked him, in a good way. There was an amazing response as people wanted to pay their respects to the man who helped the Allies win the Second World War.