These Young Men Have Promised To Make Time To Help A Widower

It’s never nice to feel alone in the world. We all have times when we need someone to lean on and share our pain with. Thankfully for one elderly woman, that company came in the form of three young men from Alabama. The senior citizen was eating dinner by herself when the men joined her, and that moment changed all their lives forever.

Eating Alone

When Eleanor arrived at Brad’s Diner, she never imagined that her night would be anything out of the ordinary. She expected to sit by herself and enjoy a good meal before returning home alone. However, to some of the other patrons in the diner, there was nothing sadder than seeing an older woman have to eat her dinner without any company. So, they decided to join her.

These Young Men Have Promised To Make Time For A Widower

Can I Sit Here?

The men in question were Jamario Howards and two of his friends. It was Howards who first noticed that Eleanor was sitting by herself, and he felt compelled to go up and speak to her. If he’d been in her position, he would have loved some company, so he hoped she felt the same way. Luckily, she was incredibly appreciative of Jamario’s kindness and allowed him to join her when he asked to sit down.

Sharing Her Story

As the pair got talking, Howards learned exactly why Eleanor was sitting all by herself in the diner. She’d lost her husband, and the following day was supposed to be their 60th wedding anniversary. Typically, this would be a cause for celebration, but given she was a widow, it just filled her with sadness. Jamario felt great sympathy for the woman, so he asked if she wanted to eat with him and his friends. Eleanor gratefully accepted.

These Young Men Have Promised To Make Time For A Widower

A Benefit To Everyone

That night proved to be a blessing for everyone involved. For Howards and his friends, it was a chance to interact with someone outside of their usual social circle. They warmed to Eleanor so much that they now consider her a surrogate grandma and vow to spend more time with her in the future. For the widow, that night reminded her just how kind strangers could be, and it gave three new friends who would always be willing to keep her company.

On that fateful night, a beautiful new relationship blossomed. We hope for everyone’s sakes that it continues for many more years.