Airline Insiders Give Tips On Improving Your Travel Experience

Let’s face it – unless you are flying first class, flying is not the most enjoyable activity. Between the long lines, poor food options, and tiny seats, you can only hold your hat on reaching your destination. Fortunately, some anonymous airline veterans have some behind-the-scenes advice on how to make your experience more enjoyable. Here are some of their tricks revealed in a Reddit thread.

Suitcase Zipper Locks Are A Waste

Certainly, you care about your possessions and want everything that you packed to make it home with you. While you might think you are saving yourself by adding a zipper lock on your bag, it actually does less than you would hope. It is easy to pry open a zipper with a pen, and you can then drag the locked zipper to close it afterward. If you’re worried about thieves, use a latched bag.

Headphones From Home

Most flights have some type of in-flight entertainment which helps you make it through the flight without only your thoughts. If you plan to use the radio or movies, be sure to bring your own headphones from home. The headphones distributed by the airlines are not new, even though they come in a package. They are simply ‘washed’ and repackaged.

Be Nice

Flying might be stressful, but it is no reason to lash out at airline employees. In fact, being kind to them might work in your favor. They will let you get away with an overweight bag or help you change your seat if your neighbor is unruly. One employee said s/he would not even charge you for your bag if you were funny.

Remove Old Baggage Tags

It might be nice for you to keep memories of your past travels, but make sure to tear off those baggage tags once your trip is over. Bags frequently miss their flights or end up on the wrong plane because the handler had to sift through numerous tags.