China’s First Pet Detective Is Helping Lost Animals

If you’re a Jim Carrey fan, or maybe a fan of the role he played in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, you are probably going to like the news that China has an actual pet detective of its own.

Reuniting Pets and Owners

Sun Jinrong is the first pet detective in China, and so far, he’s returned more than 1,000 missing pets and animals to their owners since he started his career seven years ago. Clients can pay around $1,100 to get their lost pets back home. They utilize services that include the use of high-tech thermal imaging cameras, heat sensors, and endoscopes or snake cameras, to find where these pets are.

China’s First Pet Detective Is Helping Lost Animals

Owning dogs was banned under Mao Zedong’s lead in the Communist Party, and it was perceived to be a privilege that was reserved for the bourgeoisie. Since the reversal of this outlook, there are currently 91.5 million dogs and cats in the country that are without homes. Sun Jinrong works hard in Eastern Shanghai to return as many of them as possible.

Utilizing Proper Tools

Since many pet owners don’t have the proper tools and equipment to search for their pets on their own, the pet detective, Sun Jinrong, does it for them. He adapts various hunting techniques to his methods and typically carries a blowgun with him. He is an expert in shooting tranquilizing darts.

China’s First Pet Detective Is Helping Lost Animals

Some pets have been stolen instead of lost, and dogs are sometimes sold for meat. Capturing lost pets can be a complicated process, as you must be extremely careful. Some pets are more sensitive than others, which is why you should proceed with caution.

For Jinrong, the pet detective, it can take hours to complete a single mission. When the case is solved, it is a happy moment for everyone. The feeling is similar to that of a reunion.