Doctor Covers $4,000-Worth of Medical Bills on Kindness Day

They say a simple act of kindness can create a ripple effect that multiplies its power tremendously. Dr. Don Rice of the Urgent Care Clinic of Lincoln, Nebraska surely thinks so. Last Monday, the kind doctor made a compassionate gesture by taking care of the medical bills for his patients.

Here’s what inspired him to do it.

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Doctor Covers $4K of Medical Bills on Kindness Day

February 17th is a celebrated National Random Acts of Kindness Day that has enjoyed increased popularity in recent years. The goal is to inspire and encourage acts of kindness, however small they may be, so we all contribute to introducing more positivity in society. Every year organizations, groups, and individuals take part in commemorating this special day. And this year, a kind-hearted doctor also decided to join in the celebration.

A Card Instead of a Medical Bill

The doc spent around $4,000 on the 80 patients who stopped by the clinic on the special day. When they came into the reception desk, instead of getting a medical bill they had to pay, patients got a small card explaining the reason for their free hospital visit. The message ended with the #KindnessIsContagious hashtag to serve as a reminder that acts of kindness have two sides – giving and receiving.

The Inspiration Behind It

Doctor Covers $4K of Medical Bills on Kindness Day

Dr. Rice reportedly decided to do this act of kindness as a way of commemorating the death of a friend who had a kind heart and was always there to help others despite suffering from two different types of cancer. In an interview Dr. Rice gave, he said, “I think that we have a culture that sometimes forgets that we can have a much better world if we start being kinder to each other.” So, why wait for the next Random Acts of Kindness Day to do something good for another person? We can all start today!