Earless Cat Finds New Home After Getting Crocheted Ears

Lady, a stray feline in Wisconsin, made her way to Dane County Humane Society in December. The cat was suffering from a chronic infection on her ears and had hematomas. The team of vets had to conduct an emergency surgery and as a result, she lost both of the outer layers of her ears. It seemed like Lady was having a lot of tough luck but that was until she ended up in the care of an animal shelter employee that was going to change that.

After the Surgery

Luckily, Lady managed to recover fully from the surgery. However, the cat was to remain in the shelter until she found a new home and someone willing to adopt her. Her appearance was what worried the staff at the shelter. A 2015 research of the reasons to re-home a pet found that one of the most important factors are health problems the owners can’t handle. They thought it would be much harder for Lady to find a home.

A New Set of Ears For the Cat

Ash Collins, an employee at the adoption center, decided to help Lady look more stylish and made a purple knitted bonnet for the cat. The crochet skills of the employee came in handy because the new set of “ears” helped Lady find a new family. After her adorable picture, in which she is wearing the purple replacements made it on social media, Lady was soon adopted.

Lady is just one of the million shelter animals that deserve a second chance but many are not given one because of health problems. Perhaps this is what makes staff and volunteers go above and beyond to find a home for the furry companions and show potential pet owners that the shelter animals are still ready to give them love no matter what. One thing is certain: from a stray cat with severe health problems and no home, Lady now has both ears and a family.