Couple Finds Random Homeless Dog in Their Home

Last December, a couple from Philadelphia woke up on a frigid morning to find a strange and sad intruder in their living room. All the windows and doors were shut, yet there was a dog inside their home.

Jack Jokinen and his wife had no idea where the dog had come from, so he went on to review the security footage from the night before.

Couple Finds Random Malnourished Dog in Their Home

The man then discovered he hadn’t latched the door properly when he came back from walking their dog, George. So, as the night progressed and the wind got stronger, the front door overlooking the sidewalk was blown wide open. At around 3 AM, the skinny dog is seen wandering down the street and into the open door. A little after that, a stranger passing by sees the door and closes it.

The following morning, Jack and his wife were debating whether to try and find the dog’s owner or take it to the vet instead. The dog was emaciated, dirty, and covered in fleas, so they decided on the second option. Many expensive vet bills followed because Suzy (as they later named the dog) had a paw infection and needed dental care – but once the couple learned she was 9 years old, they wanted to provide a permanent home for her and decided to adopt.

Couple Finds Random Malnourished Dog in Their Home

A little after that, Jack and his wife decided to create a donation page for Suzy’s vet bills, which proved really successful. In just two days of launching it, the couple had enough to cover the medical expenses.

Today, Suzy is a healthy and happy dog. She has put on weight and is under the great loving care of her new family, who often likes to joke that Suzy is the Internet’s dog because so many people helped them to take care of her.