A Horse Ranch Was Destroyed By Wildfires, But All The Animals Miraculously Survived

Wildfires have been raging across many parts of America, destroying everything in their path. Thousands of people have had to watch as everything they loved burned to the ground. One horse ranch was destroyed by wildfires, but amazingly, all the animals managed to escape and survive.

Fleeing The Ranch

Patty Hyslop has been caring for neglected horses for more than 20 years. Tragically. On September 5, 2020, Patty knew the worst had arrived. The wildfires had spread to her horse ranch, and the hundred-foot flames were about to engulf the buildings. Patty had no choice but to flee the farm and leave the horses behind.

Returning To Devastation

Patty knew the horses barely stood a chance. They were eventually allowed to return to the area, but it wasn’t good. Everything had burned to the ground. The shed containing saddles and medication for the horses was gone, and all of her equipment for the volunteers had been lost to the flames.

Finding Her Horses

That’s when Patty spotted something. It was one of her horses! That’s when miracle after miracle began to happen as more and more horses appeared out of the devastation. Patty couldn’t believe her eyes as she counted the horses and found that all 20 of them had made it out the other side.

Vowing To Help

Patty’s horse ranch also teaches children how to ride, and she and the team know it will take a lot of work – and money – to build it back up. However, Patty is determined to help. She has since vowed that she will continue to rescue any horses who have been affected by the wildfires.

It looked as though one horse ranch was gone. When Patty thought she was going to lose a part of herself when she had to abandon her horses in the wildfires, she was blessed to see that horse angles had kept them safe while she was gone.