This Instant Translator Is About To Change The World!

In today’s global economy, you never know where your next business meeting might be and what language that CEO speaks. In cases like this, you need the newest technology, the “ili” wearable translator. This remarkable device is the first of its kind to instantaneously translate not just words but complex phrases in real time. As of now, the first release only thinks in Chinese, Japanese and English, but the next wave of devices will handle French, Thai, and Korean as well.

The portable device is perfect for traveling as it doesn’t require WIFI or Data connections, all of the technology is built right in.In addition, we all know how draining WIFI can be on a portable battery, by not needing a mobile connection your device can last up to 24 hours on a single charge. Ili also houses a healthy dose of travel phrases, so when that corporate meeting is over, you can explore your surroundings stress-free.


This streaming translation device completely breaks down communication barriers and opens you up to a world of possibilities. From the moment you speak, ili takes a total of 0.2 seconds to translate your words into the desired language. Simply amazing! Forget lugging around bulky guide books or travel dictionaries; this new technology places the world at your fingertips. Another benefit of this handy tool is its practicality for emergency situations. First responders are often in need of quickly assessing an emergency situation and a language barrier could severely impair their ability to act fast.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this new tech we hate to break it to you…it won’t be available for wide purchasing until June of 2017. Developers are so keen to make sure the tech is flawless they’re hesitant to release it prematurely. I know I’ll personally be lining up to get mine, next stop Tokyo!