Military Mom Reunites With Toddler Son After Six-Month Assignment

Many people who serve in the military long for the moment that they can return home and reunite with their loved ones. When one mom returned from her six-month assignment, her two-year-old boy was waiting for her and gave her the biggest hug.

mom 1

Chelsey Speicher just returned home from her very first deployment, serving as a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force. Chelsey knew that with her son being so young, six months away from him would be a long time.

As a result, she wasn’t completely sure how her son would react to her return. The loving mom made the ultimate sacrifice for her country, leaving her husband and son Bennett, who is only two years of age.

Being stationed in Jordan, Chelsey went into her service hoping that she would do her country and family proud, and finally get the chance to see both of them when everything was said and done.

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Despite being busy during her service, the loving mom and wife still dedicated much time to stay in touch with her beloved family. She regularly had FaceTime calls with little Bennett, making sure that he saw her face at least once every other day.

Although the six months were long and difficult, Chelsey remained hopeful that she would return safely into the arms of her family and resume the wonderful life that she had put on hold.

The time finally came when the young mom touched down at the airport and despite still being worried about her son’s reaction, Chelsey need not have worried at all. As soon as he saw her, Bennett ran over to her and jumped into her arms.

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And it wasn’t just her son who was incredibly excited to see her again. Chelsey’s husband gave her a huge hug and kiss and the rest of her family was there too to welcome her back home.