Single Mom Adopts 6 Foster Brothers To Keep Them Together

A single-mother took 6 brothers out of foster care by adopting them all so they can stay together and be a family.

Jessica Benzakein spent part of her childhood in foster care as her mother gave her up to the state at the young age of 12. In many cases, adopting an older child is less likely to happen – and such was the case for Jessica.

Until she was 18 years old, she stayed in the system and then headed off to college. However, when given the opportunity to take in older children later in life, she didn’t pass it up as others did to her.

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Deciding to Care for Foster Kids

While Benzakein wished to have a family for half of her childhood and spent many holidays feeling lonely, she finally decided to open up her heart and care for foster kids who were wishing the same. Those kids were going through the same struggles that she went through as a kid. Although Jessica had 2 biological sons of her own that she was co-parenting with her ex-husband, she decided to adopt 6 boys from the foster system.

A Small Stay Turned Into an Adoption Miracle

Of the 6 boys, 4 are biological brothers whose ages range from 8 to 18. The other 2 boys are also related and aged 4 and 6. The kids were originally supposed to stay with Jessica for a weekend; however, that weekend turned into several years, within which they turned into one happy family.

Single Mom Adopts 6 Foster Brothers To Keep Them Together

Several years ago, Jessica Benzakein officially adopted the 6 boys from foster care and became their legal guardian.

Jessica mentions how lucky the kids are to have a family and how she did a good thing adopting them. The kids helped ground her and also helped her realize that all those times she thought she didn’t need a family, she actually did.

The 6 boys gave her life a purpose.