5 Most Adopted Dog Breeds in North America

A dog is truly the best friend of a man. A dog’s breed is a big factor while choosing one for adopting. True dog lovers don’t care for any superior breed, but in reality, some dog breeds are more preferable as a pet than others, especially in the case of a family with kids. Here are a few dog breeds and their interesting characteristics, which have made them the most adopted dog breeds in North America.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are possibly on the top of the most popular dog breeds list in the world. With their gorgeous looks, they are highly social and tend to mingle with almost anyone. Kids and other pets in the house are not a problem for them. This breed of dog is also of a highly adjustable type, with the ability to easily adapt to different lifestyles and indoor or outdoor living.

German Shepherd

This is another popular breed pet owners are fond of. German Shepherds are big in size but are fun to have around. These loyal and highly intelligent dogs are ideal pets, as they are naturally protective, and with proper training and socializing, can protect the owner’s family efficiently from unwanted strangers. For being easy to train, big-sized, and protective in nature, this breed is often used by police service.


These wrinkly little dogs are very beloved and sought after worldwide. They are quite lazy most of the time but are very smart and playful when around kids. They are great family pets with a highly social nature. They love attention and to get that, can show off and do funny things tirelessly! But they can’t regulate their body temperature due to their short nose, so the owner should pay attention to the temperature of their environment.


These particularly cute hybrids also have a high adoption rate. They come in various sizes, so the owner can choose one easily depending upon the size of the living space in the home. Space is a considerable factor for Poodles, as they are very playful and love wide spaces. They especially enjoy the outdoors and like to hunt. With their signature cotton-candy coat, Poodles require more attention to maintenance. Stylish grooming of Poodles is very popular among owners of this breed.


This is one of the more expensive dog breeds. With small size, quick movements, and exceedingly playful nature, Maltese dogs are very fun and entertaining to play games with. For this nature, they don’t need much outdoor exercise. This breed can be difficult to housebreak but can be very obedient and polite with proper training.