Students In The Philippines Need To Plant 10 Trees To Graduate

There has been a worldwide outcry for people to become more environmentally aware, and some places in the world have taken that very seriously. However, it seems the Philippines have gone one step further and done this.

Students In The Philippines Need To Plant 10 Trees To Graduate

All School Students Have To Plant Ten Trees

If students in the Philippines wish to graduate from their school at any date, whether they’re moving up to high school or heading on to college, they need to plant ten trees each time. The initiative was passed on May 15 by the Philippine Congress, in order to raise awareness and combat climate change.

They Want To Promote Responsibility

While climate change is something that has occurred over time, it is also the sort of thing that requires people to stand up and take responsibility for; even if they’re not the reason it’s happening. Congressman Gary Alejano from the Philippines wants to promote individual generations taking responsibility for the world they live in, and this is one of the ways he wants to do it.

Students In The Philippines Need To Plant 10 Trees To Graduate

The Numbers Work Out

Alejano believes that young people have the right to a healthy environment, but he also feels it’s a positive step to get them involved in creating that reality. Sources claim that the initiative should help 175 million trees grow, and if only 10% of all the trees planted actually continued to grow and survived, then that is still 525 million trees in one generation.

Does It Work?

In theory, anything like this could work, and the more people get involved, the more successful initiatives like this will be. What’s unique is that it’s a government initiative and a condition to young people actually graduating and moving on.

This kind of thing also teaches young people about the world around them, preparing them for the future.