The Netherlands Create Bee Bus Stops

We’re constantly being told to save the bees – and for good reason, too. These buzzy critters help keep our planet green, pollinate plants, fill farms with crops, and basically just keep our world alive. The loss of bees could be pretty devastating, indeed. However, the Netherlands is working hard on a new incentive to help save the bees… Bee bus stops!

The Netherlands Create Bee Bus Stops

Lots Of Bees

It’s thought that there are around 358 bee species that have called the Netherlands their home, but there’s a big problem. Over half of them are already considered endangered and have been put on something called the Red List. However, officials in the Netherlands realized there was a big problem and decided to put a plan into action.

Bee Bus Stops

Officials in the Netherlands came up with an ingenious idea to help the bee population thrive and it all started with some bus stops. Now, there are 316 bee bus stops dotted around the city of Utrecht, designed to encourage pollinate by both honeybees and bumblebees. Over 300 regular bus stops have had their rooftops turned into lush patches of greenery, that the bees will love.

The Netherlands Create Bee Bus Stops

Is It Enough?

Of course, this is just one little step toward solving a big problem. However, there is still a lot to be done if we truly want to help save the bees. More countries could definitely benefit from these bee bus stops, which also capture fine dust to help prevent pollution, and store rainwater. They really are green bus stops! If you want to do more to help the bees yourself, there are plenty of initiatives that are raising funds. You can also plant more wildflowers and plants that bees like in your backyard. Every little helps!

Isn’t it time every country had bee bus stops?